Cooking Class
Cooking Class

Fancy yourself as a chef? If so, challenge yourself to create scrumptious dishes with your partner. Bring home the taste of Lombok with our cookery class and learn the basic skills to create the local cuisine. Be amazed by our talented chef and their great passion to share their knowledge and creativity. Discover the fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods that produce such keenly aromatic and wonderfully tasty foods.


Sate Lilit (fish skewer)
Ground fish mix with traditional herbs from Lombok island,

Opor ayam
Stew chicken whole with herbs and coconut milk


Rendang sapi
Stew beef top side, coconut milk,mix with traditional herb from west Sumatra


Glutinous sticky rice ball with dessicated coconut and palm sugar syrup

IDR 544,500,- net per person.

On The Way To The Islands You Can See Beautiful Panoramic Views Of The Beach And The Mountain Ranges.
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